Saturday, October 17, 2009

The one with the first blog

This is my first blog so naturally it can be boring as my reason of writing blogs is being bored of many things.I am writing this blog on the day of Deepawali.So obviously it indicates that I am not at home.And I am missing many things.Believe me this is a very crucial day-not being with your family in such festivals.
But still I am quite satisfied on my decision to stay in the hostel because I am an addict of using internet which I realize during ten days vacation of Dusshera.
Most of my time is passing on searching contacts of professors for summer internship and rest of the time in downloading new episodes of "How I met your mother" and "Two and a Half Man".
And I am getting tired of my procrastination habit as If I doesn't scored good in the coming mid term exam, the whole semester can be screwed.So the study is going to be my priority in forthcoming days.So I am ending here.
After the first one, I am determined that I'll certainly come with some interesting one.